Ideal Sodium-free, dietary supplement, specially designed to meet the nutritional need during pregnancy and lactation. - Saffron added.


BARCCLAY'S MOTHERCARE : Is a Nutritional Supplement during pregnancy and lactation. Barcclay's MotherCare can take care of all the dietary needs of the pregnant or lactating mothers. Barcclay's MotherCare can be taken from the first trimester of pregnancy right through the lactation period. It is so delicious to taste with vanilla / Mango flavors. A daily intake of 60gms in three divided dosage of Barcclay's MotherCare offers 100% Recommended Dietary Allowance (daily required quantity) of all the essential vitamins and minerals ( other than Zinc) and all micro and macro nutrients that a pregnant or lactating mother needs. Barcclay's MotherCare has been designed by a Nutritionist. Barcclay's MotherCare can be mixed with milk, stirred and served either hot or cold. Sugar can be added to taste. Since there is a strong belief in India that if saffron ( a herbal flower from the Kashmir valley) is taken orally by a pregnant woman, the fairness and beauty of the baby will be increased , we have added saffron in Barcclay's MotherCare.

Composition : in every 60 gms

Nutrient Daily / unit Requirement % RDA in 60gms Products Benefits
Beta carotene 1300mcg 100 Healthy eyes & good eyesight, Helps to avoid abortion.
Calcium 1000 mg 100 Healthy bones & teeth
Copper 2 mg 100 Strengthens the body’s natural immune system
Cyanocobalamin 2.6 mg 100 Healthy blood
Folic acid 400 mcg 100 Improves production of Red Blood Cells, helps to prevent megaloblastic anemia.
Iodine 200mcg 100 Improves general good health
Iron 38 mg 100 Improves quality of blood. Production & functioning of red blood cells
Magnesium 355 mg 100 Strengthens bones, nerves & muscles
Molybdenum 75mcg 100 Healthy blood cells
Niacin 20 mg 100 Converting food into energy
Pantothenic acid 4 mg 100 Helps to release energy from food.
Phosphorus 1200 mg 100 Works with calcium for healthy bones
Pyridoxine 2 .1mg 100 Improves general good health
Riboflavin 1.8 mg 100 Healthy Skin & Eyes
Thiamine 1.6 mg 100 Improves the proper functioning of Heart & Nervous System
Ascorbic acid 70 mg 100 Antioxidant. Helps to maintain healthy immune system.
Vitamin – D 10 mcg 100 Improves calcium absorption for the maintenance of strong bones
Vitamin – E 12 mg 100 Antioxidant. Essential for the nervous system
Vitamin - K 65 mg 100 Important to aid blood clotting.
Zinc 19 mg 40 Improves healthy immune system
Protein 15 gms Maintaining body reserves & minimizing muscle breakdown
Fat 3 gms Providing energy reserve to the body
Fiber, malt & carbohydrate base 40 gms Providing energy to the body

ENERGY : Each Single serve of 20gms provides 82 K.cals.

Directions for use: Add two scoops (20gms) to a cup of milk or water and stir. Serve chill or hot. To be taken thrice daily. Not for medicinal use.

Product, Formula and Pack are designed, owned and marketed by : Barcclay's India Labs